About Me!


Isha Doellgast –  Modern day Alchemist, Intuitive Painter, Sound Healer, Wearable Art Designer.                      Mistress of the Elements…

I was born in Long Island, New York and spent 10 years in NYC working in the Fashion Business in Design in coutere, wearable art!  I was part of the cutting edge Young Designer Collective in the 90’s.  I transitioned into the healing arts shortly after and have been a sound healer and massage therapist, energy healer since 1992.  Currently I reside on Kauai with my partner Harry, my 17 year old son,  4 furry friends, Isis, Horus, Ma Belle and Bella.   Kauai has been my home base for the last 17 years.  I travel extensively for pleasure and creativity!

My background in Fashion, massage, sound healing and her love for sacred geometry, color and nature come forth in her unique expression of art!  In 2009 I began to explore art pieces created with a sound meditation with the intention to connect with all that is and bring forth a message from spirit that will activate and stir something in each individual that will connect them to a deeper part of themselves and the greater whole.  The medium was pastel pencils on black paper.  During this time I created over 70 healing mandalas and than had a strong desire to paint.  In 2016 Shortly after beginning painting I began my color of Woman teacher training for Intentional Creativity and coaching with mentor Shiloh Sophia class of 2016.  During this training I developed “Oracle Art Creations” intuitive painting from the soul. This was born out of my training and I continue to nuture and bring forth teachings to share with others to empower them to bring forth there own unique expression of there Soul.

Art is Medicine…

Isha Doellgast