Artisha Studio – “Art as Medicine”

Art as Medicine…

Aloha! I am Isha Doellgast creator of Artisha Studio, home of “Art as Medicine.”

Visionary Artist, Sound healer, Intentional Creativity Teacher and personal retreat facilitator.

Online Zoom Classes :

A Mermaids tale -Meet the Muse in the Heart of Lemuria on the Garden Island of Kauai in Paradise! click here

Ever since I was a small child I have been creating art in various forms. I experience life through the senses and what I feel energetically transmitted from my soul’s morphogenetic field experience, and then expressed as an artist. My life is the Art of Life, a creative journey with art, sound, color, texture, poetry and nature.  Being an artist is like being a sacred Alchemist a gift from the Divine. A gentle therapeutic way to gather all of ones emotions, traumas, worries, ideas and transform into beauty!  A re-visioning of one’s life in a heartfelt, sacred practice of Intentional creativity.  My soul is an artist soul, expressing and transmuting the life experience in communion with the Divine.  I paint from the dream time space, symbols, patterns to connect the unseen worlds to the seen world.  I approach my work by accessing many different dimensions through working with my voice sound healing, bringing visions into form through painting with layers of color, symbols, texture, allowing spirit to flow through me to communicate its message.  I approach my work with a blank slate to be present without an agenda, an open heart and mind to what is present in the “now”, to assist others in their highest expression to manifest their visions.  I allow the process to unfold without having to think but feel and flow with the experience.  What is relevant will reveal itself now in a conversation, a dialogue with the innermost self, soul led.  Together we journey in a playful deep way to access our truest nature, gifts and soul aligned pathway.

I invite you to come play, commune in a joyful sacred heartfelt way, online or in person!  I am creating a 6 week Sound healing and Intuitive painting online course called “Awakening the Goddess with in to Self Love” to be available this fall.  I offer play shops in my home sanctuary called “Tuesday is Muse day” .  Recently I am offering 1 on 1 weekly retreats on the Garden Island of Kauai at my Home Sanctuary nestled in the Urban Jungle.  I am excited to connect with you if you feel called to come have an Artful transformative Adventure.  Check out my offerings!  Art is Medicine!